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March 06, 2004

Message Board Speech, Censorship and Suppression

Note: I am not advocating the following behavior. It is a summary of techniques used by trolls to spam discussion venues and media channels that contain "undesirable" speech.

1. Post a series of long messages under multiple usernames after the post you wish to suppress.

2. Post flamebait after a post you wish to suppress, preferably including words that invoke human sense of smell, taste. In a pinch, moral revulsion will suffice. The result should be the written equivalent of a stink bomb that causes people to scroll so quickly past the stink that they miss the post to be suppressed.

3. If you have multiple userids that are collaborating to suppress information, have those userids "fight" vigorously with each other. Think of rigged boxing matches, professional wrestling, TV pundit shows and "bumfights". Loud and visible fighting (conflict) is assumed to be a proxy for non-collusion. This technique also works in the real world. Take two companies that are colluding -- have them sue each other as loudly as possible. Both get free publicity. The lawsuit disappears quietly. Media gets free content.

4. If you can't suppress someone, try to confuse people by simulating them. Copy their words. Praise them. Reply to their posts. Write confusing rhetoric that neither supports nor discounts the person to be suppressed.

There's more, but that's a start.

Happy reading.

Happy trolling.

It's all free speech.

May the best speech win. One day, there will be market mechanisms for trolls. In the meantime, fight the retail fight for reality.

Posted by dotpeople at March 6, 2004 12:21 PM